Maxell CR2025 Lithium Coin Battery


  • Mercury-free
  • Stable Power
  • Superior leakage* resistance
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Maxell lithium batteries are utilised in a growing number of portable devices, as well as the computer and automotive industries, telecommunications, and the medical business. Maxell lithium batteries are of the best quality and have a high level of dependability. Maxell continues to supply dependable power supplies for numerous handheld devices by manufacturing high-quality batteries with exceptional capacity retention during storage.

CR2025 lithium coin cell batteries deliver outstanding performance and have a long shelf life, making them perfect for use in a wide range of applications. Watches, computer motherboards, calculators, and other small electronics often use the CR2025 battery.

CR2025 Battery Equivalent:  5003LC, BR2025, CR2025, DL2025, ECR2025, KCR2025,and KECR2025



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