Kodak Max Lithium 123LA / CR123 3V Battery

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  • 12V
  • No added Mercury
  • Operating Temperature: -10 – 45 °C
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A 3V lithium cylindrical battery, the Kodak Max Lithium 123LA battery. The 123LA battery is widely used in both consumer and industrial applications because it provides high energy, stable discharge, and a large capacity for its size. The 123LA battery has Lithium chemistry, which allows it to operate in both high and low temperatures, as well as in high-drain and extended drain applications. The Kodak Max Lithium 123LA battery offers long-lasting power solutions for a variety of specialty products such as weapon-mounted tactical flashlights, home security systems, photography equipment, and many other devices. 123LA batteries are also known as 123, K123LA, CR123R, DL123A, and CR123.



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