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GP Recyko Charge 10 Ultra-Fast Charger with 4 x AA 1700mAh NiMH Batteries

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  • Charged and ready in 10 mins*.
  • Smart charging
  • Safe Charging
  • Low noise
  • Two charging modes
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Its innovative charging technology allows it to recharge batteries in as little as 10 minutes*! However, the charger is only half of the story. The magic is in the combination of both the Charge 10 charger and the Charge 10 rechargeable batteries, which are designed for everyday use and will outperform expectations on both high and low drain devices.

The Charge 10 charger is small and stylish, charging four 1700mAh AA Recyko Charge 10 batteries to 90%+ capacity in just 10 minutes. The Charge 10 charger is also compatible with other AA rechargeable batteries. Its intelligent charging profile chooses the best charging current, ranging from 1.5A to 10A, to fully charge the batteries in the shortest amount of time. When time is of the essence, go ultra-fast, or go Eco to maximise battery life.

Charge 10 includes an integrated AC adapter, making it less bulky and easier to store or travel with. Its unique low-noise fan keeps batteries cool and charging quiet, and it supports charging input of up to 10 amps. With an operating temperature range of 0°C to 35°C, Charge 10 provides dependable performance even in harsh conditions.

The charger includes battery analytics features, including an LED display that shows charging status and alerts you if any alkaline or bad batteries are inserted. Other safety features include a power cut-off timer and -dV full charge detection, which aids in the avoidance of overcharging, overvoltage, and short-circuits, as well as the prevention of battery damage.



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