Maxell Silver Oxide Battery

With years of experience and technical know-how in the technology industry. Maxell has become the first company in Japan to market the button-type Silver Oxide Battery worldwide. The Silver Oxide Battery is suitable for various precision electronic devices such as quartz watches where stable operating voltage and high energy density per unit volume are required. On the other hand, in order to satisfy and meet the growing need for supplying power to various types of watches, ranging from large to compact and thin models, complete lineups are also made available by Maxell.


– Stable discharge characteristics
Maxell SR Battery unique discharge curve supplies a stable voltage until the end of the discharge life.

– High-energy density
High-energy density per unit volume of the Maxell SR Battery provides approx. twice the amount of energy capacity compare to the alkaline batteries.

– Excellent discharge load characteristics
Employing an alkaline electrolyte, the Silver Oxide battery features excellent discharge load characteristics. Depending on the composition of the electrolytes, two models are available; (1) a low-drain type for analog watches, and (2) a high-drain type for multi-function watches incorporating an alarm, illumination light, etc.

– Superior leakage* resistance
Featuring Maxell’s original leak-resistant processing, the Silver Oxide battery has excellent leakage resistance, by suppresses the electrolyte from rising up and seeping out — a basic characteristics of alkaline electrolytes.
(* Leakage is defined as an unintended escape of liquid from a battery.)

– Taking environment in consideration
As part of Maxell environmental measures to reduce the environmental impact, Maxell uses its proprietary technology to achieve longer-lasting, superior leakage-resistant characteristics without using mercury and lead.

Principle and Reactions

The Silver Oxide Battery uses silver oxide (Ag2O) as its
positive active material and zinc (Zn) as its negative active material.
Potassium hydroxide (KOH) (W-type) or sodium hydroxide (NaOH)
(SW-type) is used as an electrolyte.

Battery Reactions

  • Positive reaction Ag2O+H2O+2e- -> 2Ag+2OH
  • Negative reaction Zn+2OH- -> ZnO+H2O+2e-
  • Total reaction Ag2O+Zn -> 2Ag+ZnO


  • Watches
  • Calculators
  • Medical Instruments
  • Measuring Instruments
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