GP Portable Powerbank 3C15A

In the recent, there has been an increased number of reported incidents of exploding power banks due to its poor design in safety feature and reliability or flaw manufacturing processes. When handle incorrectly, the power banks is a ticking time bomb in the pocket. Causing injury to oneself or other. And these cases are on the rise with the increase in capacity of these devices. To counter this. GP has released a number of mobile power banks that promises to deliver the best in safety features yet with the capacity to satisfy the most power hungry device we carry daily. The GP Portable Powerbank 3C15A.

Product Features

– Capacity: 15600mAh, rechargeable lithium-ion battery

– Suitable for super intensive user of mobile devices

– Extremely powerful for all your devices

– Charge on-the-go

– Able to charge iPad / Galaxy Tab directly

– LED battery indicator

– Safe charging with 4-level safety protections

Technical Features

– Charging time: 8.5 hours (approx.)

– Input current: 2A

– Output current: 2.1A + 1A

– Number of outputs: 2

– Suitable for smartphone: Yes

– Size: 146 x 74 x 22 mm

– Weight: 358 grams (approx.)

Safety First

The GP Portable Powerbank 3C15A is made with user’s safety as its first priority. The internal circuitry of the power bank are designed to cut off automatically when the current flow during the charging process raises the temperatures beyond a certain threshold. This will ensures that the battery is not overheated which indirectly cause the battery to explode. This feature subsequently deterred the negative effects of low quality chargers.

Furthermore, the power bank is UN38.3 air transport safety standard complies which promises that the battery is safe to be transported via cargo.

Reliability Features

The GP Portable Powerbank 3C15A  also has a built in short circuit and over-current protection which prevents any damages to the internal circuit due cause by faulty external device or cables. The GP Portable Powerbank 3C15A is made to last.

On top of that, the GP PowerBank also has an integrated Loopback Protection. In other word, if a user accidentally connect the output port of the power bank directly to its input port, causing an infinite current loop that could be disastrous, the Loopback Protection feature will detect such actions and automatically cut off the charging process.

With the increase of charging and discharging cycles, the maximum charge capacity decreases. This effect worsened when couple by other factors such as temperature, overcharging or discharging and overloading of the powerbank. To ensure the long life of the battery. GP has factors in Under Temperature Protection, Over-Charging, Discharging Protection and  Battery Overloading Protection.


The uniquely thin designed of the GP Portable Powerbank 3C15A is compatible with iOS and Android smartphone. It also support pretty much any devices that supports USB charging, thanks to its power modulation feature. It also supports 2.1A fast charging.


In conclusion, the GP Portable Powerbank 3C15A is an excellent products of the highest possible quality with uncompromised safety feature. Its reliability features also ensures that the battery last longer compare to any other power bank in the market (in terms of product lifetime, MTBF), and is definitely a good product worth invest into. If you are looking for a powerbank that you can trust. The GP PowerBank is highly recommended.

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